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Recurrent and Femoral Hernias

A. F. Trabucco,M.D.

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Plugs T2 and T3 are utilized in the repair of femoral and recurrent inguinal hernias by the pre-peritoneal approach.

Finger dilitation of an incarcerated femoral hernia to reduce the sac without incision.

Repair with a Plug T2.

Hernias can be repaired in thin individuals by the pre-peritoneal approach under local anesthesia. Transverse incision above the level of the deep inguinal ring. Anterior rectus sheath incised.

Pre-peritoneal space entered. Sac dissected from posterior hernial orifice.

Repair of a circumscribed defect in a recurrent inguinal hernia with a Plug T2

Pre-Peritoneal Approach

Repair with a Plug T2 of a recurrent inguinal hernia. Anterior approach.


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